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The Story & The Team

How it all started …

Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted to plan a trip, but were unsure which points of interest you should visit? One starts to search the internet and is quickly overwhelmed. How do you know where to start with all the available information, how far are the stops from the actual route and is there not something even better to see just 1 km further away? Karel has been in such a situation many times and always admired his wife for how easy she made trip planning seem. And after one of these events, the idea of an online, map based, planning platform evolved. Something for those who wanted to have it easier. It became quickly clear, that the realization of such a project was only possible with a partner. How lucky it was that Konrad just finished his game design studies. Something with computers ;D … what a great fit and in addition they both loved the idea, enjoyed travelling, got along really well and were ready to learn a lot. Today we stand proud and present all travel fans the ultimate travel planning software. You can see for yourself at what you can find in your surroundings, or where a trip could take you. And of course you can share your own experience and knowledge and this way help others plan their trip of their life! And if you have any improvement suggestions, we would love to hear from you here! We are looking forward to your contribution!

Who we are ...

Karel Mikan


Konrad Klingebiel


Legal & Contact