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Trip planning
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You can find points of interest for individual single spot trips easily! But have you ever wanted to find relevant sights for your next vacation along a specific route? Have you ever been frustrated reading about sights, but not knowing where they are in relation to your route? Have you ever wanted to just drag & drop sights into your travel plan and see the immediate impact on your route and your timing of your overall trip? Look no further, you have arrived!
Start planning now!


Pick your destination to see it on the map. Set filters to receive sight along your route. Add them and watch your trip take shape.

Ask for advice

Ask your family and friends to propose points of interest along your route.

Get Inspired

Let trips from others inspire you. You can save others' trips, adapt them and create your own dream trip.

Sights & Trips

Bookmark sights and trips. Rate, comment and add information to them. Save own trips to continue working on them another time.


You can of course also publish your trips, to share them with your family, friends or the whole world.


Book your accommodation and transportation through our partners and add the overnight and pick-up addresses as stops in your trip.


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