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Why do we exist?


We want to make things and processes simpler for everyone! We want to promote the mutual understanding of cultures and people and dispel fears of the unknown. We want to create a lasting model company where employees, leadership, investors and clients work together, in good and in difficult times. Life is too short too solely chase profits, without regard for fellow men and our earth.


We develop the easiest to use, with just the right information at the right time, "one stop shop" travel planning software in the world. Our community is a big family one can rely on.

What does that exactly mean?

Traveling is our passion, because in the world there are many impressive wonders to see. In addition, you meet great people and make experiences that you like to think back on for the rest of life. We want to simplify travel planning for those who like to do it and remove barriers for those who struggle with it. The act of travel planning should not be an obstacle to exploring the world. But so far, we have not found a tool that makes it easy to capture points of interest at a glance, to find the right ones out of a multitude of available ones and to put them together into a journey. We want to solve the following problems: • Data Overload / Information Overflow • Time Management • Complexity Therefore our goal with GOKAIA is to create a travel planning tool that fulfills the following: • Intuitive and easy to use • Visually supports the planning • Time efficient (good result even with little time) • Right data at the right time (no data flood paralysis - short descriptions with link to more, if you wish to) And we are on a very good way to achieve this ... We provide a platform with attractions right along the user-selected route, and promote the active shaping of point of interest reviews and descriptions. Selected sights immediately show the impact on the trip, and trips can be saved, printed or shared with others. Register and join us on this amazing journey!
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